The Fund’s objective is to give the special taste of Shabbos to those who are in need.

The primary focus is to fund Shabbos Dinner Deliveries to the elderly, the sick, new mothers and families experiencing a crisis.

A secondary focus is to subsidize the weekly Shabbos Kiddush at Chabad of The Woodlands. This would be available to community members that would not be able to otherwise sponsor a Kiddush to mark a family occasion.

The community is encouraged to suggest people that should receive a Shabbos Delivery.

The community is encouraged to contribute and strengthen this fund.

Chabad of The Woodlands will use its discretion in determining eligibility and the duration of Shabbod Dinner Deliveries. Recipients’ identities will not be revealed.

The fund will subsidize 50% of 1 basic Kiddush Sponsorship per year for a household, upon affirmation that financial constraints do not enable them to be a full sponsor. Only the applicant will be announced as the sponsor, without mentioning the fund.

The Shul may reimburse itself the cost of a major Kiddush such as Rosh Hashana or Simchas Torah, if there are no sponsors, not to exceed $400. For a non-sponsored Shabbos with just wine, Challah and Cholent, the Shul may reimburse itself up to $65.