• Camp Gan IsraelHome to the happiest campers! Friends, fun, field-trips and more. A Gan Izzy summer is like no other; jam-packed with awesome activities and overflowing with Jewish pride! Details here.
  • The Gan Early Learning Center Learn more!
  • Ckids Hebrew School Learn more!
  • Planned GivingMake your legacy a Jewish future. Join!
Learning & Inspiration
  • Torah 101Understanding is required to fulfill one's obligation in studying the Oral Torah, but exceptions... Read More
  • The Joke That Became an International ScandalIn 1710 Caselle, Yedidya's joke of placing a horsehair ring on Gotla's finger led to a serious... Read More
  • 10 Facts About Miriam Everyone Should KnowLearn about Miriam, the prophetess of the Bible, whose life and legacy is celebrated until... Read More
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