A new initiative!

Help us build our camp community, one family at a time.

It's very simple!
Refer a new family that has never registered to Camp Gan Israel, and you both will receive $50 credit towards your camp tuition.


How will we know who referred who?
On the registration form, there is a question that will ask "How did you hear about us?" and you can write down the name of the family who referred you. Once we confirm the referral, we will add the credit to each account before June 1st.

Is there a limit on how many families I can refer per year?
Nope! The more the better!

Is there a minimum amount of weeks they need to register to receive the credit?
At this time there is not a minimum. We are sure they will love CGI so much that they will keep coming back!

Is there a deadline for submitting referrals?
Yes. You and the referred family must be registered by June 1st to receive the credit.


The family must be new to Camp Gan Israel.

No cyclic referrals (families cannot refer each other) or referrals within the immediate family.

New family must register by June 1st. 
Referral credits are valid only for campers from Jewish families.

The new family must enter the name of the referring family at the time of enrollment.
Names cannot be retroactively applied.

Only one name can be entered as the referring family. Multiple families cannot receive the
referral credit for a new family.