Mezuzah 2


The Mezuzahs on a Jewish residence bring special blessing and protection to its residents. This extends even when a person is not in their home. There are many stories that attest to this. (Learn more about Mezuzah here). 

In light of Hurricane Harvey, Chabad of The Woodlands has an unprecedented offer: 


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  1. The homeowner commits to placing Mezuzahs on every doorway that Jewish law requires. Usually 10-18 Mezuzas depending on the home.
  2. The homeowner makes an appointment with Rabbi Blecher to ascertain 1.
  3. There is at least 1 Jewish resident in the home.  
  4. The cost of 1 Mezuzah is $10. 
  5. Homeowner registers online. Valid while supplies last.
  6. Any extra Mezuzahs not required by a residence, will remain with Chabad of The Woodlands to benefit as many as possible. 

A project of Chabad Harvey Relief Fund