Names inscribed on the plaque will have their Yartzeit observed in the following manner:

  • A notification will be sent each year with a reminder of the day of the Yartzeit.
  • The memorial bulb will be lit during the month of the Yartzeit and during all Yizkor days.
  • Yartzeit will be listed in the Jewish Photo Art Calendar.
  • If required, Kaddish can be arranged by notifying Rabbi Blecher. 

The initial cost for inscription on a bronze plaque is $500 per standard plaque or $1800 per deluxe plaque. (The currently available 1 deluxe plaque, is larger and can accommodate an additional name). Each year thereafter, a contribution of any size will be accepted on the Yartzeit day.

* If needed, a monthly payment plan can be arranged by calling Rabbi Blecher 

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I would like to dedicate plaque/s at $500 per standard plaque, $1800 per deluxe plaque.
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